Just Keep Going

patienceToday is Day 3 of starting over and I have to say, so far so good. I remember when it really was my Day 3 of clean eating and working out, I was so discouraged thinking of how far I had to go. I have to say I’m pretty proud of myself. I may have gained 20 of the 50lbs I lost back, but I never stopped working out. I got VERY lazy with it, and may have only gone once or twice a week, but I never stopped. Oct 13, 2013 is the 1 year anniversary. Sticking to something for an entire year, especially something as mentally and physically challenging as getting in shape is a pretty huge deal to me 🙂

On Monday I worked out for an hour with Phil, (my personal trainer,) we did back and triceps. I did about 5 minutes on the stairmaster and then bailed and started swimming laps. I forgot how tiring swimming can be and it felt pretty good to wear myself out. Not to mention I was under my calorie goal!

Best part of my Monday was a random act of kindness from a stranger. A woman who works out at the gym had heard the previous week that my back was really hurting. Weighing nearly 250lbs with bad posture will do some damage whether you lose that weight or not. So what did she do? She gave Phil a gift certificate for a 60 minute massage to give to me. How incredibly kind is that?! She didn’t want the recognition either, no one was going to tell me it was from her, but the massage therapist let it slip when I was making the appointment with her. When people are kind like that, it really touches me 🙂

On Tuesday I trained with Phil and we did chest and biceps. He told me he had a goal for me. One of these days before I stop training with him, he wants to see me do a pull up. Me too!!! When I first met Phil he asked me what I wanted out of training aside from the standard ‘lose weight’ answer. I told him I wanted a great ass, to improve my flexibility and to gain serious upper body strength!

After I finished training I did 15 minutes on the stairmaster, (that thing is nasty, I started pouring sweat almost instantly,) followed by swimming laps… I’m sore right now and it feels really good. It means I worked for it :

Now I’m just struggling with is getting back into the routine. Sure, I ate healthy and worked out for 2 days in a row, but its going to take awhile for me to start seeing results again and I’m like everyone else…. I want instant gratification.

They say it takes 4 weeks for you to see your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends and family to see it, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to see it… just keep going.

***For those curious about my progress, you can check out My journey (So Far) with a little background and pictures 🙂



Week 1 Goals

Setting long term goals never works for me, honestly it just makes me think of how much further I have to go and that is NOT encouraging. Instead, I’m setting weekly goals. Back to basics because getting away from the basics f–ked me up.

Week 1 Goals

  • Workout with my personal trainer 3 times
  • Do 45 minutes of cardio on my own every day.
  • Drink a gallon (128oz) of water every day
  • Stay within 1500 calories per day
    –Eat Clean!! Not 1500 calories of crap.
  • Complete 4 Couch to 5k workouts (this does NOT count as my cardio)
  • Log my food on myfitnesspal


Logging my food on my fitnesspal (if you click the link above it will take you to my profile) is a big deal. Once I stopped measuring my food and tracking everything I put in my mouth was when things started to fall apart. One of the (good) habits I’ve developed since starting to get fit is reading the nutrition information on everything I put in my mouth, the problem is that lately, I read it… I just eat it anyways -_-

I’m my own worst enemy, but this week I’m going to focus on being my own best friend.

The Struggle IS Real

Weight LossI’ve heard the term ‘struggling with my weight’ all my life, who hasn’t? Me personally, I had never ‘struggled’ with my weight. I was just fat, there was no struggle. There was no skinny side of me to fight with.

Now. I’m struggling with my weight.

On Oct 13, 2012 I had my first personal training session. I started clean eating and I lost 50lbs 🙂 Yay, me.

Then I gained 20lbs back and I’m f–king struggling. I’ve still never been skinny, but knowing what it feels to be thinner makes me hate this. And yet… I can’t stop cheating on my diet. What the HELL is wrong with me?

I’m still working out with my personal trainer (thank god.) If it wasn’t for him, I’d have gained back all 50lbs in record time.

Time to do better.